Underwriting and serving Commercial Lines customers is complex and time consuming. A recent study by Accenture points to the demands for self-service option among both agents and their customers. But with each Carrier having its own list of underwriting questions there seems limited options available to agents to better serve their customers.

Traditional Way

Honest and successful agents will tell you that there are not enough hours in a day for them to get 5-6 competitive quotes for each of their customers. They use their knowledge and experience to pick and choose the top carriers that to their knowledge will offer the best possible option for their customers. But carriers change their underwriting rules or have special offers and other incentives which makes it very difficult for the agents to choose the best carrier for their customers.

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Leave your guess work behind

With Tarmika’s Bridge Portal agents can leave all the guess work behind. Agents enter the underwriting information once into Bridge Portal and the Portal’s Robos take over and enter the information automatically into multiple Carrier’s Agency Portals simultaneously. The quote generated by each carrier’s website is picked up by our Agency Gateway. A simple comparative quote report with premiums from multiple carriers is automatically generated and sent to the Agents.

With all the rich features, Tarmika’s Bridge Portal, allows insurance agencies to focus on what’s really important to them, writing more business and serving their clients.