The Genesis behind Tarmika

Is the insurance industry facing a looming talent shortage? Between aging employees and a lack of interest from millennials, it seems inevitable that the industry is on the verge of an employee crisis. By 2020, 400,000 employees plan to retire from the insurance industry, leaving companies and agencies wondering how they will get by.

Talent Shortage in the Insurance Industry

Some insurance companies have revamped their recruiting habits to attract younger employees, while others have turned to innovation, aiming to automate several processes. Automation will play a key role in the future success of the insurance company dynamic. However, not all retirees can be replaced with automation. For example, underwriting requires subjective judgement, that no amount of innovation will ever be able to replace. The same rings true within an insurance agency as commercial insurance clients generally want human interaction when discussing their insurance policy. Customer service representatives (CSRs) within insurance agencies are also aging and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find talent.

Giving Agencies a helping hand

Replacing CSRs entirely is out of the question. So, what does an agency do when there is a shortage of talent? This is the staple behind the Tarmika brand. CSRs are over utilized and spread too thin. With an impending shortage of available CSRs in the industry, we decided to create Tarmika. Tarmika allows insurance agencies to focus on what’s really important to them, writing more business and serving their clients.