Allan, just so people understand, what is Ask Kodiak and what goal are you trying to achieve?

Ask Kodiak in a nutshell…

Opportunities are missed because insurance product selection is rarely optimized. Agents wind up wasting time. Underwriters wind up wasting time.

You would be surprised how error prone insurance product selection is. Fortunately, Ask Kodiak optimizes this.

How can Ask Kodiak help agencies and insurance carriers grow?

If Kodiak is killing the optimization at the appetite and eligibility level, agents and carriers are going to be doing more quoting and submissions that leads to quality insurance for the policyholders.

Winning for the policyholder means growth for everyone.

On a personal level, you have a lot of technical experience that could lend itself to several companies, so why insurance?

Insurance has an abundance of problems to work on. Further, insurance gets a bad rap, but you can see a lot of parallels with ‘legacy complaints’ when compared with other industries (banking, logistics, transportation) – it’s not just insurance. In some respects, banking is a bit of a rosetta stone for where insurance is heading.

It’s also a lot safer than working on operating systems for SpaceX.

How do you and Ask Kodiak attract new employees into insurance and how can other companies follow your lead?

Recruiting and building a team is a difficult proposition, no matter the industry.

As a general observation, company’s that have their act together on culture seem to have greater hiring success. A great cultural environment creates a positive gravitational pull; both in terms of retention and new recruits.

You also need to recruit and be on the look out for talent when you aren’t on a hiring spree. Division I schools start recruiting early. That’s how they build the best teams.

In an ideal world, what would you be doing 5 years from now?

Still riding the Ask Kodiak train.