Coming from the Insurance company side, what pushed you to start your own agency?

After I graduated from college, I worked for Safety Insurance for 10 years before leaving to work for my father at his insurance agency which by owned by him and his former business partners son.  I worked for them for 4 years.   As my father began his retirement process, I realized, I wanted to own my own book and treat my clients with a certain level and standard and I had to do it myself.    

What do you view as the hardest aspect of starting an agency?

Beside writing the first policy, was going to find the second and third.   One thing that has been very humbling to me was the overwhelming support I received from my personal network, but was the continued support I received from my business network and the overall Beverly, MA community has been very supportive of my office and helping my grow my business. 

What are the key differences for you from the company side and agency side?

Working for the company was a great opportunity and great way to learn on product.   When I joined the agency and now have 5 carriers, I now have 5 different underwriting guidelines I need to know and be aware of changes and improvements.   Although most of the carriers are very similar with the coverage, they offer they can be very different at the same time.  

Is there anything you wish you did differently? 

Surprisingly no, I’m very happy with my carrier path and where it has brought me.  Sure in 2017 there was a major speed bump, but I refused to let it become a jersey barrier.   Becoming the owner of my agency was be far the most rewarding part of the whole process.   

What is the goal for MCJ in 5 years? 

The 5-year goal for MCJ is to continue to grow with my clients, carriers and the Beverly community.   I’m the new guy on the block here but I also have 15+ years in the industry.   It is only a matter of time before things will really take off.   I want to agency to continue to be proud of its clients and I want my clients to continue to feel we will have close relationship and for them to be proud to be working with my and my staff.