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5 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021 Every Agency Should Use

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In the past couple years, conversations about the death of social media have been ever present – especially when it comes to discussions about social media marketing. 

While the antiquated system of planning out social media content months in advance is changing. The presence of social media in your marketing plan remains essential.  

Shifts in social media

Social media is not dying. The way people approach social media is. Just like insurtech, is it imperative that companies shift with the way social media is transforming and how we use it. 

The following social media marketing tools can be used to assist in your content creation, and are helpful for social media managers who are adapting to both scheduled and real-time content creation:


Hubspot truly is a hub for marketing as a whole, but has some pretty awesome features for social media if that’s all you need. It allows your company to organize, draft and schedule your posts across several social platforms prior to posting. You are able to edit all posts after scheduling as well if you need to adjust any post. 

The metrics are one of the best parts of Hubspot. In addition to social account reporting, each post can be tagged under a campaign and each campaign can be tracked for performance. 

2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media posting tool but with some extra support for Pinterest, Instagram and Instagram Stories. 

This application will help users shorten links, share articles and web content to your posting queue while on the internet, track analytics from your posts, engage with people who interacted with your posts, and create a schedule for your post content.

3. BuzzSumo 

BuzzzSumo allows you to not only track how the content you post is performing but also how content shared about you from other users is performing. It can track actual posts and other content surfacing online. 

You are able to find influencers related to your content and set alerts whenever something related to your business or keywords begin to trend. It will help you significantly when you begin to plan and create your upcoming content. 

4. Willow

Willow allows your company to create a hub for all of your links to attach to seamlessly include in your social media bios. This can help streamline communication and cohesiveness throughout your social media channels and allow for cross promotion across your platforms.

5. Canva

Canva allows you to create great social graphics and marketing collateral easily. Adobe Creative Suite and similar products can be time consuming and require training or a specific skill set to get started. Utilizing Canva can help you save time and get out more content.

It is important that you assess how these solutions work with your business and if they are helping streamline the content creation process. 

These tools should not be a burden to the process but rather help you refocus your energy into being creative. This creative shift will keep social media marketing alive and in real-time. Let these systems help with the planning so your team can establish creative momentum.

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