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4 Benefits of Partnering with an Insurtech

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When you start thinking about incorporating tech into your independent agency, it can be a little intimidating. We understand that and we know first hand that integrating any form of new tech is a process and may not be for everyone. 

Before you can decide if integrating with an insurtech is right for your agency, you should take time to understand the purpose of insurtech solutions

So why should your agency consider adopting an insurtech solution? How will it benefit you?

We’ve come up with 4 benefits that we’ve seen independent agencies experience when they integrate with insurtech solutions. They: 

  1. Waste less time;
  2. Write more business; 
  3. Meet customer demands more efficiently;
  4. Increase connectivity.

1. Less Wasted Time

Independent agencies typically spend more time maintaining their current book, filling out forms, and quoting on multiple carrier sites than they do expanding their operations. 

By adopting insurtech solutions into their agencies they are able to eliminate wasted time and reduce inefficiencies. 

2. Write More Business

The number one thing an insurtech can provide any agency or carrier is added time to focus on what’s really important: writing more business. 

Partnering with an insurtech is essentially buying your employees more time to write more business. 

3. Meet Customer Demands

In today’s society, people seek instant gratification. The ability to not only meet the needs of those within your business, but you’ll also meet the ever-changing needs and demands of your customers is key. 

Through the integration of appropriate insurtech solutions, you will be able to serve them how they want it, and when they want it.

4. Increase Connectivity

Insurtech solutions can bring your agency updated technology and connectivity. An agency will see a much greater benefit if they can create a seamless user experience across their tech stack.

This will eliminate the need for repetitive manual tasks, creating more efficiency within your agency.

The important thing to remember is that most insurtechs are here to help. If there are inefficiencies within your agency, an insurtech (or multiple) should be able to improve these areas for you.


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