4 Things for Agencies to Consider When Investing in Technology

As an independent insurance agency owner, you’ve seen the industry evolve. You might be a second-generation owner who’s looking to upgrade your agency’s tech stack. Or you may have made the transition from a captive to an independent agent. Whatever the reason is, your agency is now thinking about investing in technology – but where do […]

How Agencies Can Leverage Data in 2022

The ability to leverage data within your agency will prove to be valuable in 2022. Customers expect a level of quality and specificity from their insurance agency. Data provides agents with the insight to give customers the best guidance. Data can help you develop better strategies for approaching your customers. These strategies can give you a […]

The 5 Problems Facing Independent Agents in 2022 and How to Solve Them

As begin to close out 2021, we wanted to take a closer look at what’s to come in 2022. Here are 5 Problems Facing Agents in 2022: Shifting consumer trends Managing new technology Hybrid business models Handling the threat of cyber attacks Wasteful management of time Shifting consumer trends In the past decade, most industries […]

3 Advancements in Insurance We’re Thankful For

Two things are on our mind as Thanksgiving fast approaches: what are we grateful for and how are we almost done with 2021? As we wrap up the year we’re reflecting on the 3 advancements in insurance we’re thankful for:  Innovation and Integration of Technology Investment in Insurance Technology Hybrid Communication and Consolation Innovation and […]

Why You Need a Seamless Customer Journey (+ How Embedded Insurance Can Help)

seamless customer journey graphic

It’s time to invest in a seamless customer journey. Insurance customers are no longer just comparing insurers and agencies to each other, but to other industries. Customers are looking for a streamlined insurance buying experience that meets them where they are. Embedded Insurance allows customers to feel protected against uninsured losses through a low involvement […]

Closing the Protection Gap with Embedded Insurance

Opportunities available within the protection gap are a driving force behind most of the insurance technology innovations we see today. The protection gap is the amount of insurance that could have been purchased compared to the amount of insurance that is bought. It represents the missed opportunity and profit accumulated when consumers do not purchase […]

4 Steps to Creating Landing Pages that Convert

landing page creation graphic

Creating landing pages are a key component to sales and marketing efforts. Regardless of the campaign it’s attached to, it’s important to keep in mind user experience. People will often “bounce” from a landing page if it’s confusing to navigate, too cluttered, or simply not engaging.  Your landing pages are often the first impression many […]