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3 Advancements in Insurance We’re Thankful For

Two things are on our mind as Thanksgiving fast approaches: what are we grateful for and how are we almost done with 2021? As we wrap up the year we’re reflecting on the 3 advancements in insurance we’re thankful for:  Innovation and Integration of Technology Investment in Insurance Technology Hybrid Communication and Consolation Innovation and […]

Why You Need a Seamless Customer Journey (+ How Embedded Insurance Can Help)

seamless customer journey graphic

It’s time to invest in a seamless customer journey. Insurance customers are no longer just comparing insurers and agencies to each other, but to other industries. Customers are looking for a streamlined insurance buying experience that meets them where they are. Embedded Insurance allows customers to feel protected against uninsured losses through a low involvement […]

Closing the Protection Gap with Embedded Insurance

Opportunities available within the protection gap are a driving force behind most of the insurance technology innovations we see today. The protection gap is the amount of insurance that could have been purchased compared to the amount of insurance that is bought. It represents the missed opportunity and profit accumulated when consumers do not purchase […]

4 Steps to Creating Landing Pages that Convert

landing page creation graphic

Creating landing pages are a key component to sales and marketing efforts. Regardless of the campaign it’s attached to, it’s important to keep in mind user experience. People will often “bounce” from a landing page if it’s confusing to navigate, too cluttered, or simply not engaging.  Your landing pages are often the first impression many […]

Internship Wrap Up 2021: Katie

With summer coming to a rapid close, we sat down with our summer interns to hear about their experience here at Tarmika. Here’s what our marketing intern, Katie DiBlasio, had to say about her experience: Why were you brought onto the Tarmika team? I was brought onto the team as a marketing intern specializing in […]

Customer Success, Customer Support & the Customer Journey

customer success image

Customer Success and Customer Support are two different components to a customer’s journey at any business. The customer journey begins the moment a customer first interacts with your company’s product or service. And it grows as touch-points are made throughout the relationship. The end goal for these two teams should be to turn clients into […]

Embedded Insurance: Tech Enabling New Distribution Models

embedded insurance

The potential of embedded insurance is immeasurable. This alternate distribution model can provide ease, efficiency and convenience for consumers. We’re deep diving into how embedded insurance works, and how incorporating embedded insurance adds value to the customer, the insurers and the host platforms.  How Embedded Insurance Works: Meet Host Platforms The basic idea behind embedded […]

5 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021 Every Agency Should Use

In the past couple years, conversations about the death of social media have been ever present – especially when it comes to discussions about social media marketing.  While the antiquated system of planning out social media content months in advance is changing. The presence of social media in your marketing plan remains essential.   Shifts in […]