Enhancement Made to Display Nationwide ACP Account Number on Tarmika!

Nationwide now displaying ACP Account Number Prior to this enhancement, the submission number that was displayed was not able to be used to search within Nationwide’s Agent Center. Rather you would need to go directly to Nationwide’s PolicyCenter. Now when you submit a quote to Nationwide via Tarmika, we are displaying the ACP Account Number. […]

Pre-fill data to ACORD forms are here

Generate ACORDs in Tarmika

Generate ACORD forms in Tarmika The ability to generate pre-fill data to ACORD forms is now available across 4 lines of business. After successfully completing a quote submission, you are able to generate a pre-filled ACORD form. This pre-filled ACORD form is digitally editable allowing you to complete any fields not captured within Tarmika. Once reviewed […]