Tuesday’s With Tarmika: Allan Egbert – EP 04


Allan, just so people understand, what is Ask Kodiak and what goal are you trying to achieve? Ask Kodiak in a nutshell... Opportunities are missed because insurance product selection is rarely optimized. Agents wind up wasting [...]

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Tuesday’s with Tarmika: Matt Divirgilio – EP 03


How has coming from the financial world helped you run a successful insurance agency? Tremendously, understanding numbers is a huge part of the business from a high level standpoint. And having a background in financial planning [...]

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Carrier Participation in Digital Marketplaces


Carriers see the immense need to provide self-service options to their agents by participating in the Digital Marketplaces. Technology has grown leaps and bounds and there are a number of digital market places available. [...]

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Self Service for Agencies serving Commercial Lines


Underwriting and serving Commercial Lines customers is complex and time consuming. A recent study by Accenture points to the demands for self-service option among both agents and their customers. But with each Carrier having [...]

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Why Tarmika?


Is the insurance industry facing a looming talent shortage? Between aging employees and a lack of interest from millennials, it seems inevitable that the industry is on the verge of an employee crisis. By 2020, 400,000 employees plan to retire from the insurance industry, leaving companies and agencies wondering how they will get by.

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