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4 Steps to Creating Landing Pages that Convert

landing page creation graphic

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Creating landing pages are a key component to sales and marketing efforts. Regardless of the campaign it’s attached to, it’s important to keep in mind user experience. People will often “bounce” from a landing page if it’s confusing to navigate, too cluttered, or simply not engaging. 

Your landing pages are often the first impression many users have with your company. So it’s important when creating landing pages that they accurately portray your company while remaining informative and interesting. 

We’ve identified 4 key components to keep in mind when creating landing pages:

  1. Streamline the information
  2. Simplify the design
  3. Include call-to-actions
  4. Stay consistent  

1. Get rid of unnecessary information or graphics on your landing page

The landing page is often one of the first things your customers will see. If the landing page is boring or confusing, consumers will immediately bounce right out of your site.

Take a look at all the information you want to go on your page and then narrow it down. Your landing page should only show what needs to be on it or the customer isn’t going to find it relevant. 

2. Keep the design simple

While you should definitely include graphics, logos, and your company’s colors, remember to keep it simple. Consumers aren’t looking for fancy animations or transitions, they are looking for clear, concise information that can be quickly digested.

3. Include a Call-to-Action (or multiple)

Visitors may get lost on your page, but call-to-actions (CTAs) can help show them where to go. Buttons like “Schedule a Demo” or “Purchase Now” will let consumers know how they can go about obtaining your product. If these aren’t included then the user may not know what to do and end up leaving your site. 

4. Maintain a consistent flow throughout the site

Captivate your visitor with a seamless experience on your site. By ensuring the flow is logical and cohesive, your customer will have a better experience interacting with your brand.



These are just a few tips to get you started on creating landing pages. Creating landing pages may require a lot of thought and planning, but in the end it will benefit your lead generation efforts. 

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