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Defining Customer Success (+ Why It’s So Important)

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Defining your customer success strategy begins after you’ve evaluated your current customer service initiatives through the lens of your customer journey. 

Customer Success processes look different at every company, but the goal of these processes remain the same: help their customers be successful with both the product and the company as a whole.

6 reasons why a defined Customer Success strategy is more important now than ever before:

1. Improves customer satisfaction

Who doesn’t want happy customers? Implementing a successful Customer Success program will lead to a higher customer satisfaction rate which will lead to greater success for your business as a whole. 

2.Increases retention 

A key buzzword in the business world today: retention.

It’s more expensive to acquire new customers. The more loyal and happy your current customers are, the lower your churn rate. Which will ultimately lead to increased revenue for your company.

3. Meeting + exceeding customer expectations

Customers are used to contacting a company’s support team quickly and receiving a response immediately. Whether it’s through a chat bot, a support email address, or phone number, etc.

Creating a process for instantaneous support, or providing clear messaging to consumers on how your process functions, will limit the risk of loosing the customer or receiving negative feedback. 

4. Happy customers become brand advocates

Happy customers help increase word-of-mouth marketing, increasing the awareness of your company within your industry, by becoming brand advocates.

Customers that become brand advocates are also likely to generate referrals for your company. 

5. Customers are educated on the best practices for your product

A well developed customer success program allows customers to become educated on your product. Ensuring that customers are properly onboarded, received proper training, and are sent updates on new features and enhancements. 

6. Customer Success acts as the primary contact for the company

While sales may be the first team to build the relationship with a client, it’s the customer success team that develops and fosters that long-term relationship with the customer.

As our world becomes increasingly more digital, Customer Success is becoming more important than ever before. If your company has yet to implement a Customer Success program, check out the 4 things our customer success team recommends you need when setting up your program.

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