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Tarmika Announces Full Integration with b atomic

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Boston, MA: Tarmika is partnering with b atomic. The integration with b atomic will allow agencies to quote, re-market and renew policies efficiently while having access to data that can power further agency development.

Raghav Tanna, CEO of Tarmika, commented, “When it comes to the IA channel, we couldn’t think of better partners than b atomic. With this integration, we want to bring the industry to new heights.”

“b atomic does nothing unless it improves customer experience, creates margin gains for agents, and deepens realtionship’s between agents and carriers. That’s an impossible criteria for most companies wanting to partner with us. Tarmika laughed when we showed them our standards for partnership…because theirs was exactly the same!” Says Seth Zaremba, Owner of Zinc, “This partnership becomes the gold standard for how indietech companies work together to solve huge problems, they could not otherwise solve on their own. Put another way, the “how” of Tarmika was less important to b atomic, than them, their “why”…help agents and carriers be world class for the customer and each other. We’ll do that deal everytime!”

All neon agencies will now have a better understanding of their behavioral and transactional quoting data.

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Tarmika is a single entry comparative rating platform designed to enable independent agents.

b atomic redefines the way independent insurance agencies operate by harnessing the latest in business technology and molding it for the insurance world

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