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Internship Wrap-Up: Sarah Fleming

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As summer slowly comes to an end, so are our summer internship programs. This week we sat down with our Data Science Intern, Sarah Fleming, to discuss her internship experience before she returns to remote classes at Smith College this fall.

Sarah started her internship remotely back in May. Here’s what she had to say about interning at Tarmika:

What was the goal of your internship?

Tarmika wanted me to help with data analysis and creating dashboards for our customers. Their main goal was to get a fresh perspective on how they process and present their data, and I was able to help them with that. 

Why did you choose to intern for a start-up?

I wanted to work in a start-up because there is such a high level of energy and so many potential opportunities for learning and growth. 

I also had never worked in a professional environment, so Tarmika offered a unique opportunity where I could explore what a career in data science could look like.

What did you work on during your internship?

I helped a lot with data analysis, specifically working on the interactive dashboards for carriers and agencies.

I was able to apply a lot of the knowledge that I gained from my data communication class that was very helpful, and was able to create a product that I am very proud of at the end of the day based on feedback from both our clients and Tarmika.

What did you like about working in Data Science?

I enjoy the large reach data has and its ability to make a definitive impact on a company’s progress. Data analysis can be a very powerful tool and helps unite many aspects of the company, which meant that I got to work with everyone to design something that, at the end of the day, helps everyone out. It’s a very collaborative process, which I appreciate.

What did you like about working for Tarmika?

Tarmika has a really tight knit community, and the spirited environment was truly a gift to be a part of. From day one, everyone welcomes you. You can tell that everyone wants to be there and is giving their all to the company, which I think is really special, and rare, from what I can tell. I have loved being a part of Tarmika, even if it was for a short time.

What was the biggest takeaway from your internship?

I learned that you should not be afraid to ask your supervisor questions and it is crucial to build a strong relationship with your team. It is only through feedback and growth that you are able to grow professionally and more effectively contribute to the team.

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