State Auto is available on Tarmika — the seamless quoting platform built for independent agents.

Waste less time + write more business

Streamline the commercial lines quoting process — work better, save time, and increase efficiencies by quoting State Auto using this single-entry tool. 

Dynamic Question Sets

Generate ACORD Forms

30+ API Integrated Carriers

Communicate with your Underwriter

5+ Commercial Lines of Business

Association Partnerships

What can you quote with State Auto on Tarmika?

(Hint... it's a lot!)

State Auto currently has their Business Owners (BOP) and Business Auto (BAP) lines available to quote in Tarmika.

From Tarmika you can bridge directly into the State Auto Connect platform to bind. State Auto asks as few questions as possible in Tarmika, knowing your time is valuable. 

You’ll find an extensive list of classes available for both State Auto’s BOP and BAP products.

Learn more about Small Business with State Auto:

See quoting State Auto on Tarmika in action.