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Signs You Need to Partner with an Insurtech

We know change can be hard, but it could be time to embrace change. If your agency is struggling with unsolved problems, finding solutions for your agency can help. It will not only create a better environment for you but for your employees and customers as well.  Partnering with an insurtech can help independent agencies […]

4 Benefits of Partnering with an Insurtech

When you start thinking about incorporating tech into your independent agency, it can be a little intimidating. We understand that and we know first hand that integrating any form of new tech is a process and may not be for everyone.  Before you can decide if integrating with an insurtech is right for your agency, […]

5 Problems Independent Agents are Facing in 2020

Fast-paced. Digital. Ever-changing. Three terms that can be used to describe the society we live in today. With the evolving landscape of technology and consumer behavior, independent agents are encountering problems they couldn’t have and wouldn’t have imagined 20 years ago. While this drastically changing world has brought about new problems, it has also generated […]