Travelers is now integrated for Business Owner’s Policies

Tarmika is excited to announce that Travelers-appointed agents can now quote business owner’s policies, in addition to workers compensation policies, through its single-entry commercial lines quoting solution. With a direct API connection to the Tarmika platform, Travelers helps independent agents save time by minimizing the need for duplicate entries and creating an easier, more enhanced […]

SIAA Has Entered in to a Corporate Partnership with Tarmika

Tarmika, a single-entry efficiency platform, has announced its partnership with national insurance alliance, SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance), to provide a quoting solution to SIAA member agencies for delivering multiple small commercial insurance quotes with their top-rated carrier partners. “The partnership between Tarmika and SIAA demonstrates the commitment of the insurance industry to providing independent […]

Why Small Insurance Agencies Should Explore Insurtech

We’ve noticed a trend: it seems that when small, local agencies hear the word “insurtech,” they may automatically assume that it’s not meant for them. (spoiler alert – not true)  They may think “we can’t afford this” or “we aren’t big enough to need this.” In many cases however, small independent agencies are those who […]

Cyber Liability is now Available on Tarmika with Cowbell Cyber

Tarmika is excited to announce Cyber Liability as our newest line of business, and Cowbell Cyber as our cardinal partner. This partnership will bring the ability to quote Cyber Liability seamlessly into the Tarmika suite of solutions. Ultimately allowing for an enhanced quoting process for our independent agents. “We’re excited to integrate with Cowbell Cyber […]

A Responsive Website: What It Is, and Why You Need One.  

Having a website for your agency is a necessity. (See: 5 Things Every Agency Needs for Marketing) This is important, but it isn’t enough, you need to make sure your website is responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).  So what makes a website responsive? A responsive website is one that is able to work seamlessly […]

Defining Customer Success (+ Why It’s So Important)

Defining your customer success strategy begins after you’ve evaluated your current customer service initiatives through the lens of your customer journey.  Customer Success processes look different at every company, but the goal of these processes remain the same: help their customers be successful with both the product and the company as a whole. 6 reasons […]

Webinar: Getting to Know Tarmika

Our team is excited to be hosting a webinar with the sole focus to answer some commonly asked questions! We’ll be going over questions about insurtech as a whole, how commercial lines comparative rating tech works within that ecosystem, and some unique features of our platform and how to incorporate them into your quoting routine. […]

Insurtechs, Independent Agents & the Internet of Things

When Marty McFly traveled to 2015 in Back to the Future II, the movie emphasized the increased use of technology in people’s everyday lives. While we may not have flying cars or automated dog walkers, society today isn’t too far off from their predictions. From automated robots rolling around grocery stores waiting to help customers […]

Working in Sales: Expectations v. Reality

For anyone starting in a sales role, whether you’re a recent grad entering the workforce for the first time, or an experienced professional making a career transition, it’s common to have preconceived notions of what sales is like.  We are breaking down some common sales misconceptions: 1. Sales is about selling people something they don’t […]