Tarmika Application Status: Fully Operational Amidst Global IT Outage

Internship Wrap Up 2021: Katie

With summer coming to a rapid close, we sat down with our summer interns to hear about their experience here at Tarmika. Here’s what our marketing intern, Katie DiBlasio, had to say about her experience: Why were you brought onto the Tarmika team? I was brought onto the team as a marketing intern specializing in […]

5 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021 Every Agency Should Use

In the past couple years, conversations about the death of social media have been ever present – especially when it comes to discussions about social media marketing.  While the antiquated system of planning out social media content months in advance is changing. The presence of social media in your marketing plan remains essential.   Shifts in […]

A Responsive Website: What It Is, and Why You Need One.  

Having a website for your agency is a necessity. (See: 5 Things Every Agency Needs for Marketing) This is important, but it isn’t enough, you need to make sure your website is responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).  So what makes a website responsive? A responsive website is one that is able to work seamlessly […]

How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Agency


All businesses tend to have one major goal in mind: growth. Growing their business by expanding their client base, reaching as many consumers as possible, and building their internal support staff.  But how do you grow in a society where there are thousands of companies all competing for the same goal? Well, this is where […]

Internship Wrap-Up: Skye Lovell

Although most colleges will not return to in-person instruction this fall, our interns will still be resuming their classes! This week we sat down with our Marketing Intern, Skye Lovell, to discuss her internship experience before she returns to remote learning in the fall.  Skye started her internship remotely the first week of May. She […]

How to Market Your Insurance Agency: 5 Things Every Agency Needs for Marketing

Marketing can seem intimidating at first; every business seems to have their own unique strategy that they have perfected for their agency. So how did they get there? How do you know what will work for your own business? While this question can seem daunting, don’t panic! We’re going to break down the top 5 […]

Women in Insurance Marketing: Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Marketing during a global pandemic. There’s no playbook, no one you can go to who has done it before. You and everyone else in the world are trying to answer the same million dollar question: what’s the right way to do it?  We sat down with marketing professionals Sydney Roe, CMO of b atomic; Dani […]