A lot happened on Tarmika in 2021.

Here are some of the highlights…

2021 was by far our best year for total quoted premium.

Looking back over the last three years it’s clear, 2021 has been our best year. 

We saw over $50M in quoted premium submitted through Tarmika in 2021.  

Why don't we break it down a little more...

Let’s check out our total quoted premium for 2021 broken down by month:

We have over 10,000 supported business classes! But clearly there were some favorites…

These  were our top quoted business classes across all 6 of our current available lines of business, but we think it may be fun to break it down even more.

Now we're looking at the top business classes by line of business
for our top 3 quoted lines of business:


  1. Lessors of commercial buildings (except miniwarehouses)
  2. Restaurants, full service
  3. Lessors of office buildings (except miniwarehouses)


  1. Restaurants, full service
  2. Janitorial services
  3. Painting (except roof) contractors


  1. Handyman construction service, residential building
  2. Janitorial services
  3. Painting (except roof) contractors

Everything's BIGGER in Texas… including for quote volume!

Top quoted states by number of quotes:

  1. Texas
  2. California
  3. Missouri
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Ohio
  6. Georgia 



Fun Fact: Texas came in at #1 this year for number of quotes submitted through Tarmika and #3 for total premium. 

2021 was a year for the books.
Thank you for making us a regular part of your quoting process this year.

Ok —  that’s enough of that. Time to get quoting.