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A Responsive Website: What It Is, and Why You Need One.  

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Having a website for your agency is a necessity. (See: 5 Things Every Agency Needs for Marketing) This is important, but it isn’t enough, you need to make sure your website is responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO). 

So what makes a website responsive?

A responsive website is one that is able to work seamlessly from desktop to mobile. Did you know that over 51% of time spent online is spent on mobile devices? That’s why it’s super important to make sure you’re investing in a responsive website.

There are website building tools that allow you to easily design and implement your agency’s brand into a functioning, responsive, website. 

Here are a few free and low-cost tools that we recommend:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace

Creating a responsive website will help your company maintain customers, attract new customers, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Maximizing your SEO

Now that your website is responsive, we need to allow it to be found online. In order to be easily found on search engines you should be maximizing the SEO on your website.

Easy steps for SEO: 

  • Make sure you’re providing relevant educational content for your business 
  • Title your educational content and web pages in a relevant way (no click-bait!)
  • Include both internal links (links to other things on your website) and external links (links to other websites) in your content
  • Don’t forget to add alt. text to images

A great way to boost your SEO, is to create dedicated pages with appropriate titles. There are a few important sections that should be on every business’ website:

  • Contact information – Your sales and customer success departments can be highlighted here 
  • Office Location – if applicable
  • About/Mission page – Who is your agency and what is your goal? This gives users a better understanding of who the people are behind the product
  • Services – Include a comprehensive list of your business offerings

Your website is a representation of your business. People from all over should be able to look up your business and get an immediate understanding of who and what you are. Creating a responsive website is a foundational building block of not only your marketing strategy, but your business

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