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Saving Time with Commercial Quoting: Rollo Insurance

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Meet Rollo Insurance, a privately owned agency based in College Station, Texas. After learning about Tarmika’s integration with Applied Epic, Rollo Insurance adopted Tarmika to save time during the new business and remarketing processes. Read on to see how their agency benefits from Tarmika, what excites them about the future and what they would tell other agencies looking to adopt a commercial quoting solution.

Introduce yourself and tell us about your agency. 

My name is Kristin Baker, and I am the Chief Risk Officer for Rollo Insurance.

Rollo Insurance is a privately owned firm based in College Station, Texas. The agency was founded in 2000 and has grown to 62 locations across seven states. Despite the extraordinary growth, we are still family-owned with Jason and BJ Rollo continuing to operate the agency by the principles of “God, Family, Country.”

Our leadership fosters a culture that values efficiency, technology adoption, and client relationship-based practices, which when combined, allow us to stay competitive in the evolving insurance industry.

Our agency migrated to Applied in 2018. We actively seek out technologies that we can implement to make our day-to-day processes more efficient. We believe a proper technology stack can help us do our jobs more efficiently, allowing more time for client-facing interactions.

What led you to Tarmika? Were there challenges with a previous platform or industry influences that played a part in your decision?

Before Tarmika, we used a different platform that had some minor hiccups when it came to transferring information accurately, which is crucial for successful quoting. Our president, Jackson Rollo, heard about Tarmika and recommended it because of its integration with our management system, Applied Epic.

Since many of the carriers we were appointed with were already in Tarmika, we felt it filled the need we had in the small business market to be able to quote with our preferred carrier partners. This allows us to enter client information in a single system and save the time it took to go into multiple carrier portals to get a quote. We can now pull together quotes and get them to the client faster.

Can you describe your implementation process?

We started with only a few users so we could iron out any of the kinks that come with implementing a new technology. However, our integration with Tamika was fast, and the platform integrated seamlessly with our existing workflows. We had a lot of success with Tarmika pretty quickly, so we were able to onboard the rest of the team within a few months. That same week, the rest of our team was actively using Tarmika for quotes.

We’ve stayed in touch with the Tarmika Customer Success team who have provided helpful tips and tricks, and we regularly attend webinars to learn about enhancements coming to Tarmika down the road. These touchpoints help us identify any account managers who may be having issues with Tarmika so that we can get them a training refresher.

How does Tarmika add value to your agency?

We really see added value from Tarmika in small business. Adding Tarmika into the new business process makes us much more efficient because it allows us to see multiple quotes in one place and get those quotes back to the clients much more quickly. Additionally, Tamika’s integration with Applied Epic reduces the time spent on manual data entry and ensures the accurate transfer of information.

Market appetites are changing all the time in the insurance industry, and when you have partnerships with numerous carriers, it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the appetites your partners have. With Tarmika, I can go into the system and see which carriers are competitive in each market. I can see if anything has changed and quote with a carrier who might not have been competitive in a certain market before but is now.

With today’s hard insurance market, remarketing is an important task for agencies. Tamika’s ability to streamline the remarketing process is particularly valuable in the current market where quick and informed decisions are essential. We are still able to serve our clients by doing the due diligence needed to get the best coverage and prices available, without the time crunch of having to go into individual carrier portals to get quotes.

Tarmika provides a lot of value to our agency, so we are always encouraging our carrier partners to join the platform. Tarmika aids us in identifying carriers that may have favorable terms for specific classes of business, so the more carriers on the platform, the better.

What excites you about the future with Tarmika?

I like technology and seeing what it can do, so I’m looking forward to working with the Customer Success team to see how we can enhance the benefits we get out of Tarmika. We’re looking forward to embedding Tarmika into Applied Epic so that we don’t need to leave the system to get comparative quotes.

We are also excited about the potential for customer self-quoting through Tamika’s customer-facing portal, which will provide an additional avenue for clients to explore options.

Any advice for agencies thinking about Tarmika

If you are a generalist agency with a lot of small business, and you’re not using Tarmika for efficiency purposes, you’re missing out. From an account manager’s standpoint, it saves a lot of time in getting your quotes out and being able to offer multiple comparative quotes to your clients instead of a singular option.

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